Host A Shiur

Tammy’s incredible lectures on dozens of different topics have literally changed thousands of lives around the world.

From Melbourne to Miami, from Belgium to Brooklyn, from Los Angeles to Vienna, Tammy’s shiurim are giving women and girls the desperately needed tools to deal with today’s many challenges.

In areas such as Marriage and Parenting, and most importantly Emuna and Bitachon, Tammy shares her personal struggles and golden practical advice with her contagious joy, warmth and humor making her adored and beloved by so many.

Gather together some neighbors, friends or family and host a series of Tammy’s lectures.  You will be giving all and yourself a priceless gift you will cherish forever.

Following is a list of Tammy’s shiurim topics:

  • Emunah –  Series of 6
  • Human Relationships – Series of 4
  • Parenting – Series of 4
  • Marriage – Series of 4
  • Serenity – Series of 2
  • Purim & Pesach – Series of 4
  • Sfiras Ha’Omer and Shevous – Series of 3
  • Summer/3 Weeks – Series of 2
  • Elul and Aseres Yemei Tshuva – Series of 4
  • Shmiras Halashon
  • The Wise Teen
  • Making Choices

In order to host a shiur, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we are able to.